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   Hameau Farm
      6364 SR 655
      Belleville, PA 17004
      Phone: (717) 667-3731

Hameau Farm Logo
Nurturing staff supervise morning chores. Ayrshire calf gets a hug. Apprentices strike a pose. Our version of famous art—‘Hameau Gothic’. Morning chores are experiential and hands-on.  Camper gets some goat-loving.

Hameau Farm in the Big Valley
Thanks You for Checking Us Out…

We Are:

• A summer Farm Camp (and more) for
curious and adventuresome girls ages 8-14.

• A Pennsylvania “Giverny” for artists wanting to
ply or develop their plein air skills.

• Most importantly, home to the “Plum Bottom” herd of
registered Ayrshire cows, a small flock of Jacob sheep,
Alpine goats, and a hennery of Barred Rock chickens.